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Recommended products for energy efficiency from ADH Electrical Services

Intelligent extraction

Using the latest Humidistat technology and clever super quiet design means your fan doesn't just turn on with your light, it knows when your having a shower and will adjust the extraction rate accordingly in addition to a host of personalisation options to suit the users requirements and room purpose. ADH Electrical Services supply, install and guarantee extractors, showers and lighting for bathrooms across the North West.

automated socket
Intelligent sockets and switches

Remote controlled sockets and switches help users to reduce energy bills by turning none essential items off standby and makes hard to reach areas accessible with remote control child lock features and offer greater manageability when you are away from home using a computer or smartphone. This feature is an excellent addition to a homes current wiring and can be installed by ADH Electrical Services with minimal disruption. 

Timers & Thermostats
Central heating automation products

From remotely managed intelligent thermostats to easy to use timers, they all control your heating system and greatly reduce energy bills by only activating when you need it. Most controls can be added to existing systems to enable increased manageability. ADH Electrical Services recommend, supply and install heating controls based on your needs and requirements.

Home automation from ADH Electrical Services
Remote power management and home automation

An energy management unit connected to a broadband connection means you can remotely control sockets, lighting, locks, monitor energy consumption, heating and much more. Operated from your smartphone or any computer connected to the internet it's easy to manage your home from your bed, where ever that might be in the world. For a comprehensive survey from ADH Electrical Services contact us today.

Outdoor lighting management

External lighting can be managed automatically with simple timers, light and movement sensors which means your lighting requirements though the seasons will adapt ensuring energy is only used where necessary. ADH Electrical Services offer a comprehensive site plan, supply and installation for external lighting. 

Convenient PIR automation for the home from ADH Electrical Services
Indoor automation using motion activation

This useful bit of kit automatically operates lighting and other electrical installations around the home depending on which room is currently being used or entered. Especially handy for loft, celler, garage and cupboard areas lighting the way when you need it and turning out the lights when your gone. Other uses include 

Low consumption electric radiators

Using only 40% of the equivalent energy required to heat a room to 21 degrees and fully manageable system on the units or by remote makes a clear choice for consumers looking to reduce energy bills and there carbon footprint. Complimenting water heaters are also available from ADH Electrical Services. For a no obligation quote or more detailed information contact us today.
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