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Guarantee from ADH Electrical Services

The rights under this workmanship guarantee will only be available on production of our guarantee document, which must be signed and dated, so when you receive it, please keep it safe. Note: This workmanship guarantee is limited to the works detailed within a corresponding invoice and does NOT represent a certificate*.

Guarantee Period

A maximum of 5 years on electrical workmanship completed by or on behalf of ADH Electrical Services.

Guarantee Procedure

If you experience a problem with your workmanship during the guarantee period, call us on 0800 240 4166 or email: sales@adhelectricalservices.co.uk with supporting information and appropriate arrangements will be made ie: an engineer visit.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

ADH Electrical Services Guaranteed Installation, Guarantee against faulty workmanship. ADH Electrical Services only use approved installers to ensure:

  • All work to be performed with reasonable care and skill, and
  • to be completed within a reasonable period of time.

The work carried out is guaranteed against faulty workmanship from the date the installation is completed for the period stated on the certificate. Note: The guarantee only extends to faulty workmanship and does not cover:

  • accidental damage, abuse, neglect or routine servicing requirements, or
  • when adjustments / additions to the installation are not made by an ADH Electrical Services approved person or contractor,
  • product, appliances and other consumables. For product warranty matters, please refer to the manufacturer’s procedure.

As with any claim, you should notify ADH Electrical Services as soon as a problem becomes apparent by contacting us using the details above.

Delaying notification may affect your rights under this guarantee. In the event you sell your property, rights under this guarantee may be transferred to the new owner by notifying us of the transfer as soon as practicable by providing evidence of his/her ownership of the property together with a copy of this guarantee.

In the event that ADH Electrical Services are no longer trading, sold or go into liquidation, every effort will be made to ensure your installation workmanship will still be covered for the remaining term. Should this be the case we will contact you using the email address provided at the time of the completed work and in any event visit www.adhelectricalservices.co.uk for further information.

Information on your legal rights are not affected by this guarantee.

Should you require certification for an existing installation, you need an EICR, book yours today from just £75 by calling 0800 240 4166.

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