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ADH Electrical Services NW Ltd are able to design and install your Electric Vehicle Charging station, whether this is for single or multiple point systems, wall or floor mounted, for your workplace or at home. Our fully qualified electricians will ensure you receive the correct installation to match your unique requirements.

Call us on 0800 240 4166 for your FREE NO OBLIGATION quote, we will guide you through the benefits of each charger and advise on what is best to suit your needs. 

Workplace Electrical Vehicle Charging

Clever charging stations for the happiest employees on earth

As the sales of Electric Cars is increasing, the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging units at work are increasing too. On average, daily commutes to work are under twenty miles, therefore the idea of purchasing an electric car is becoming more cost effective to a business’s work force. Get the convenience of arriving at work, connecting your vehicle to a unit to charge for the day, then drive home fully charged!

Installation of an Electric Vehicle Charging unit is generally straightforward, and can be used by all staff which is a very cost effective solution for the business and staff combined.

Home Electrical vehicle Charging

Fast, safe and wi-fi enabled EV charge points 

If you are an electric or hybrid vehicle owner, then installing a charge point at your home has many advantages over using a standard 3 point plug

  • Safety – Charging stations have their own have its own dedicated electrical spur and incorporates a range of safety devices and features to ensure maximum safety while charging an EV
  • Fast Charge – Charging stations run at 7kW-22kW compared to 3.7kW with a typical 3 point plug. Charge your vehicle in half the time.
  • Charge scheduling – Some stations incorporate intelligent schedulers allowing you to charge your vehicle with off-peak energy rates, saving you money.
  • Energy monitoring – See exactly how much it is costing you to run your vehicle.
  • Weatherproof – The “Blue Commando” standard ensures that your station is weatherproof.

Commercial Electrical Vehicle Charging

App-enabled charge points that will attract more customers