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Safe wiringSafe wiring

Should faulty electrics go unchecked it can be a serious risk of fire and can lead to electrocution or at worst a fatal accident.

ADH Electrical Services recommend you ensure that electrics in a property have been checked and certified by a qualified electrician within the past 10 years, prior to inhabiting or purchasing a property. Should this not be the case; when purchasing a property over 25 years old it is advisable to budget for a potential rewire or for a tenant, please see the HSE recommendations for fixed wire testing which has details of when you can expect an electrical inspection to be completed.

In some cases it is required that wiring on portable appliences are tested please see the PAT testing help pages for more information.

Tip: Having a ‘satisfactory’ inspection certificate for your property means you are safe and compliant which will also also help with the sale of a property. 

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