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We are looking forward to coming to your home soon to carry out an electrical rewire. We will make every effort to make sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible and you are left totally satisfied with the work that has been done.

This guide provides you with all the information you need to know about the rewire, what we need you to do and about the whole process from start to finish. Please read this information as it has important information and advice that you need to know.

Safety notice

First fix summery

The first fix stage will involve lifting the floor coverings and floorboards and possibly the skirting boards too, routing out channels in the walls and possibly in some ceilings and coving that are inaccessible from above. All of this work causes disruption so it is best not to try and live around the work if possible.

As well as installing new cabling and back boxes for all sockets and switches we will be rewiring all power and lighting circuits, it is a good opportunity to consider central heating controls, alarms, smoke detectors and doorbells, outdoor lighting and sockets, rewire the telephones and television aerial sockets. It is also worth redesigning the wiring plan for to make sure it meets your needs and those of modern house buyers.

Second fix summery

Once the first fix stage has been completed, you can then arrange (unless explicitly quoted by ADH Electrical) for the property to be re-plastered or the walls and ceilings filled and made good, and the flooring replaced. Once this is done, simply let us know so the second fix work can proceed, fitting sockets and switch plates, light fittings, the consumer unit and wiring any electric fans, cookers, extractor hoods, electric showers and the immersion heater, if there is a hot water storage cylinder.

What this work involves

A full rewire is a big job and means the electrical wiring in every room of your home needs replacing. Light fittings, sockets and switches will be removed and replaced with new ones where specified. In most rooms your decoration will be affected.

Any electrical circuits or fixings installed, where you have not requested a renewal, will be tested, if these do not pass our electrical safety tests, they may be disconnected. ADH Electrical Services will not be responsible for the replacement of any of your own fittings that do not pass the electrical safety test.

Getting the job done

Electrical rewire work will normally take up to 7 working days on a medium sized house. However you should take into consideration the work required in addition to the rewire eg: Plastering & Plumbing so if any other improvement works have been identified for your home, it will take longer than 7 days to complete all of the work. Your quote provided is based on the smooth running of a complete project, consisting of a structured first and second fix. Please be aware, additional visits and amendments may incur appropriate charges and will be added to your invoice. Where ADH Electrical Services are project managing such additional work a start and finish date will be specified.

Having a safe environment

Prior to any works starting, we will require notifying of the presence of any materials within the property that could be potentially harmful if disturbed. We have detailed a testing company in the ‘useful stuff’ section. Should such materials be present, you will be required to deal with them to prevent any harm to yourself, occupants or employees carrying out the work, unless this is being explicitly project managed by us.

Please note: The presence of materials containing asbestos is common in many properties and there is no need to be unduly concerned.

Disruption to your home

Every effort will be made to minimise disruption. However, due to the nature of the works there may be a lot of dust and mess in your property. Our workers will need access to every socket and light switch in your home. In addition, there may be damage to your plastering, ceilings and coving. We will also need access to your loft and underneath upstairs floorboards and in some circumstances your skirting boards (if applicable).

You will also be without power for extended periods of time which may affect your cooking facilities, heating and hot water supply. We can provide access to limited power at the end of each working day, please ensure you advise us of this prior to work commencing.

Things to do before we start

Prior to the works commencing you will meet the person responsible the electrical rewire to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. The following preparations are required as standard unless quoted:

  • You will need to pack away all your belongings safely and securely. This includes pictures, mirrors and wall hangings in every room, including attic space.
  • If a new fuse board needs fitting, you will need to clear that area or cupboard too.
  • Any electrical items need to be stored away safely in a dust free environment.
  • Any furniture near your sockets will need to moved. It is usually best to move all your furniture to the middle of the room and cover it up with dust sheet.
  • We will confirm which floor coverings need to be taken up. (ADH Electrical Services are not responsible for the cost of your floor coverings)
  • You must ensure that there is clear access in and out of your home for the workers.

Important preparation notes

Should the above preparations not be made, charges in addition to your quote will be applicable at a rate of £35 per hour and invoiced. Representatives or ADH Electrical carry Identification, ask to see this before allowing anyone into your home. Should you be in any doubt do not let them enter and contact ADH Electrical Services immediately on 0800 240 4166.

Things to note during the work

The first stages of the work will be messy and this may create a lot of dust and dirt in your home.  Once the wall switches and sockets have been replaced you need to bring in your contractors to plaster over any damage – which again can be messy. Once this is done, we will test your new wiring.

After the work is done

Once the rewiring is done, we will fully test the installation and identify any final touches needed after this inspection. We call this ‘snagging’. Any snagging items will be completed within agreed time of the main work being finished. We will then contact you to double check you are happy with all the work that has been done and ensure invoice has been settled. We will then issue your installation certificate and satisfaction survey.

Help is at hand with the wider project

Every effort will be made to minimise disruption to your home, but damage will be unavoidable with work such as this. ADH Electrical and its contractors will not be responsible for the repair of any damage as a result of the works as standard, however can help by project managing this consequential work for you, simply request any of the below additional services to be added to your quote.

  • Heavy goods removal
  • Plastering
  • Asbestos removal
  • Decoration                                 
  • Waste disposal                
  • Site preparation
  • Plumbing
  • Joinery
  • Kitchen design and installation
advice about gas
advice about water
advice about asbestos

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