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common PAT faults

With ADH Electrical Services each and every plug and circuit will be thoroughly tested and inspected for your safety.Be assured if you have any of these faults at your home or workplace ADH Electrical Services will find the fault. As part of our service we will repair faults where possible. 

In addition to ADH Electrical Services Pat Testing it is good practice to visually check your electrical items to help ensure a safe environment. Below you will find some key indicators to look out for. Should you be in any doubt Simply call 0800 240 4166 and we will be happy to help or advise. 

What to look for - PAT Basics

Chewed Cable - Electrical Safety

Tasty for some

Chewed or damaged cables exposing basic insulation is never a good sign. This should be replaced when possible, minor correction using insulation tape should only be used if no conductive material is visible and inner insulation in good condition and that the cable is not positioned where it will be susceptible to stress and frequent movement. 

Melting plug

Hot stuff

Over heating plugs is a key indicator that something isn't quite right or that the appliance is being put under stress. Signs of melting or discolouration of the outer plug casing be visible, decommission the appliance immediately and have it tested or replaced.

Loose plug case


Cracked or loose plugs are dangerous and should be replaced before further use. Even if the plug is rarely touched or moved, exposed live parts are accessible to dust, creatures, pens, moisture and fingers!

Bad plug socket condition

Pick & Mix

This image shows three hazards, firstly the cracked case of the extension socket which has made the casing fragile and the possibility of exposing live parts has increased. Secondly the scorch marks indicating either a faulty appliance being used or a faulty extension socket and finally the tea stain indicating it has suffered moisture ingress. If you see any of these signs remove the item from use.


Bad practice

Example 1
Chewed up cables

These cables were found during testing a domestic property, it shows a cable had been chewed under floorboards. ADH Electrical Services repaired the fault with a joint box ensuring it was accessible for future testing purposes.

Example 2
Exposed hanging live cables

The image above shows an extremely dangerous live cable hanging from a ceiling left by a careless electrician, this kind of carelessness can cause serious injury! ADH Electrical Services rectified this by disconnecting the redundant cable from the fuse box.

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